понеделник, 2 август 2010 г.

Two of Abelardo Morell‘s photographs

Abelardo Morell,Upright Camera Obscura Image of the Piazzeta San Marco
Looking Southeast in Office (2007).

Abelardo Morell, Camera Obscura Image of Santa Maria della Salute
with Scaffolding in Palazzo Bedroom (2007).

Two of Abelardo Morell‘s photographs of Venetian rooms turned into camera obscuras. These look like slide projections but were made by covering the windows with black paper, leaving a pinhole which creates the view on the opposite wall. This always results in an upside down image unless corrected by an intervening lens.

Grazie, Marin!

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  1. Abelardo (Abe) Morell (born Havana, Cuba, 1948) is a Boston-based photographer. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)