вторник, 6 юли 2010 г.

San Marco e Paolo Veneziano

Paolo Veneziano, A Scene from the Life of St Mark
Tempera on wood, 58 x 42 cm
Basilica di San Marco, Venice

Paolo Veneziano was the first known painter of the workshop of San Marco in Venice. He was the dominant figure in the Venetian painting in his age. His style has a Byzantine character, perhaps he stayed in Constantinaples for a while.

The picture shows a detail of the Pala Feriale ("weekday altarpiece") which was used to cover the Pala d'Oro between feast days. It represents the scene when St Mark appears on the ship, carrying his dead body from Alexandria to Venice, to calm the storm.

The painting is signed at the bottom as "MAGR. PAULUS CU LUCA. ET IOHE FILIIS SUIS PINXERUNT (HOC OPUS)" (Painted by Master Paul with his sons Luke and John).

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