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Palazzo Donà dalle Rose

The Donà dalle Rose family (originally Donatus) is descended - as are many other Venetian families - from the last Roman citizens of Aquileia who took refuge in the lagoon at the time of the Barbarian invasions during the VI century.

Documents dating back to the XI century record members of the family as ambassadors, procuratori, senators, bishops and patriarchs; the family also gave the Serene Republic three doges: Francesco (1545), Leonardo (1606), and Nicolò (1623).

The palace was constructed between the end of the XVI century by Leonardo and his brother Nicolò. An example of a late Renaissance Venetian palazzo, today it continues to be the main home of the family.

Palazzo Donà dalle Rose is not open to the public. However, the piano nobile can be hired for special events, banquets, and conferences.

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