понеделник, 26 април 2010 г.

Andy Parker

He would describe himself as a very keen amateur photographer and has always had a camera around his neck ever since he was a child growing up in the UK. However, he has only recently started taking photography more seriously and being more experimental and creative. For the past few years he lived in Spain (Madrid) and it was there where he started to develop and broaden his photographic interests - particularly in the use of black and white. However, since moving to Italy (Venice) in the summer 2009 he find that photography has now become an important part of his life. He now runs several 'projects' - including a 365 style project and an attempt to visually document the city of Venice in all it's guises. In all cases it's definitely 'work in progress', but at the end of the day he just enjoying taking pictures and seeing what works and what doesn't.

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