вторник, 11 май 2010 г.

Francesco Pianta and his "Fury" and "Spy"

Fury and Spy, Francesco Pianta, wooden altar frontal, Scuola Grande di S. Rocco, Sala Capitolare

Francesco Pianta, signed himself "Franciscus Planta iunior venetus [Francesco Pianta the Younger of Venice] on the base of his portrait of Tintoretto. He belonged to a Venetian family of stonecarvers but the list of books left to his heirs documents a level of culture ununsual for a stoneworker.
At the sides of an extraordinary Library - alone sufficient to demonstrate the artistic stature of Pianta, such is the effect of the skilful realistic illusion of those antique bound volumes - the blindfold and chained Fury with gnashing teeth, in the words of Mario Praz, "inspires in his torment a grim dark beauty", while the Spy is almost a caricature, enveloped in his ample cloak and with his hat pulled down and partly covering his eyes.

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