петък, 28 май 2010 г.

Good things to do in Venice

(*tutte e due son suggerite da hotel Ruzzini Palace)

Musica a Palazzo. An unique experience in a splendid XVI century building facing the Gran Canal. Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto, with his original furnitures, frescoes and perfomers acting through the audience, will permit you to become part of the Opera
Every evening at 8:30 pm a different performance, for maximum 80 people, in this noble Venetian Palace. Dress code: abito da sera.
La Traviata every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Il Barbiere di Siviglia every Wednesday and Saturday
Love Duets every Monday and Friday
(PROMOTION DETAIL From January 24 2010 to December 23 2010)
(Offer is not valid during particular holidays)

Go to visit the Fortuneteller in Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa, dine by Eligio, walk to the Bridge Maravegie and see where is the Calle dei Marrani. A route that takes you into Venice's most hidden and most true.

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