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come grazie a Johnny Depp ho scoperto Najean

Ho deciso di vedere l'albergo che aveva scelto Johnny Depp a Venezia, Palazzina Grassi e sono rimasta un po' sorpresa. E' troppo stiloso... Quando è troppo, è troppo. Però così ho scoperto le opere di un arista che lavora il vetro di nome Aristide Najean.

Subito vi do il link verso il suo sito web.

But who is Aristide Najean?

Algiers and his passion for pholosophers

A French officer’s son, Aristide Najean was born in Algiers in 1959, July the 4th, when, during the war, his mother was at his wounded husband’s hospital bed.

He was only nine, when he lost his father.

During his school years in Poitiers, he developed a passion for writers and philosophers: his favourites were Socrate, Platone, Deleuze, Bataille, Foucauld, Lacan.

At seventeen, he began working as an assistant Art Director in an Advertising Agency. The following year Aristide goes to Paris, to join the Maurice Felt engraving atelier, and discovers the artists of the famous Maeght Gallery: Clavé, Adami, Garache…

Paris, Munich, Florence, the fundaments of architecture, artistic anatomy, fresco

In the same time, completely self-taught, he learns the fundaments of architecture. At nineteen studies artistic anatomy in Munich, Germany and the following year we find him in Florence, learning fresco, pigment and colour techniques.

In 1982 Aristide Najean comes back to Maurice Felt’s atelier, and continues his artistic research on various fascinating subjects: horses, theatrical decoration, city, mythology and, under the guide of a matador, bull-fighting. He exchanges brushes for the muleta, and is fed on the atmosphere of the corrida, the vibrant colors of the matador’s traditional dress, the old basque tradition and the multicolor folklore.

Venezia e la luce

During one out of many Parisian dinners he is invited to discover Murano’s glass. The invitation is not insignificant. He will catch the chance.

He discovers a life made of fire and water, and he launches himself in it with his well-known enthusiasm and charm. Initially he pays homage to this new world by painting, drawing landscapes on the border of water, colourful houses reflected in the canals, and glass-working in the ateliers.
In 1986 Mario Badioli, maestro vetraio, glass master, welcomes Aristide in his atelier. It is the beginning of a fruitful cooperation. Najean perceives that an expression complementary to his palette: one spontaneously leads to another. This kind of sculpture becomes an extension of his painting, and glass is its most evident expression.

In 2005, overtaking the Venetian tradition, he starts realizing lighting elements. Tolerated, accepted, absorbed by the island, enriched by its heritage, he works for various ateliers, developing different skills in each of them. He elaborates new shapes, he gets out his own bright lights, creating heads of dragons, deers, seahorses, unicorns, cats, birds like kingfishers and swallows, luscious freshly plucked fruits, static clouds…

Atelier: 16 Calle del Cristo – 30141 Murano, Venezia

In spring 2008 Aristide Najean meets Philippe Starck in Murano. They have a lot of common artistic references and inspirations, a fizzy sensitivity and a lively creativity. Together they realize various projects like this one in Palazzina Grassi

Aristide Najean, Palazzina Grassi by Starck’s opening.

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