сряда, 23 юни 2010 г.

la gondola di Ingo Stahl in un film

Ingo Stahl speaking:

here are two fotos from the filmshooting from INFA-Film Prod. for the TV-Serie FRANZI by Bayerisches Fernsehen (Baveritan TV). Filmlocation - it seams to be Wörthsee, but isnt it - is a small privatpond in our region. The story tells the daily live in a middlecountrytown, young love, with all the problems, when people are unable to look at and to listhenanother. The mainfigurs are Franzi and her ragazzo Werner, who is thesun of afashen shop, but would prefer to be a jazztrompeter and owns a gondolamost stories turn arround. Myself are not in action. You see the bestknowntv-stars Jule Ronstedt and Sebastian Bezzel, and the Gondoliere Ingo Stahl with his gondola.

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